Royalty Free Stock Big Cat Clipart by Patrimonio

  1. Puma Clawing
  2. Lion with a Golden Shield
  3. Purple Panther Pawing Through a Fire Ring Logo
  4. Purple Panther Stalking
  5. Sketched Eurasian Bobcat
  6. Stalking Lioness
  7. Jumping Cougar in an Oval of Rays
  8. Roaring Lion in an Oval of Sun Rays
  9. Orange Lion Shield and Rays
  10. Prowling Panther
  11. Cougar and Blank Banner
  12. Tiger Head in Orange and White
  13. Blue and Orange Tiger Face in an Orange White and Blue Circle
  14. Tigers Logo
  15. Tigers Sports Banner
  16. Lion on British Flag
  17. Jaguar Profile Oval
  18. Jaguar OVal
  19. Yellow and Red Angry Lion Head
  20. Stalking Black Jaguar
  21. Cougar Face
  22. Red and Gold Lion Shield
  23. Black and White Attacking Panther
  24. Growling Leopard over Grasses
  25. Guitarist Jaguar Sitting
  26. Prowling Black Jaguar Ready to Pounce at Sunset
  27. Leaping Attacking Lion
  28. Resting Lion
  29. Black and White Angry Lion
  30. Fierce Leaping and Attacking Lion
  31. Leaping Panther with a Sun Burst