Royalty Free Stock Big Cat Clipart by Dero

  1. Handsome Male Lion Washing His Mane with Shampoo
  2. Angry Roaring Tiger
  3. Tiger Shampooing His Mane
  4. Nurse Tiger with a Thermometer
  5. Tipsy Tiger Holding Champagne
  6. Goofy Leopard Pointing
  7. Nervous Leopard with a Pole Vault
  8. Artistic Leopard Coloring with a Green Crayon
  9. Goofy Leopard Dancing
  10. Leopard Pointing
  11. Leopard Sitting
  12. Bored Leopard Student Sitting on Books
  13. Leopard with Big Eyes
  14. Beach Leopard Running with an Umbrella
  15. Happy Leopard Holding a Gift
  16. Giggly Leopard
  17. Relaxing Leopard
  18. Male Lion Shampooing His Mane
  19. Stalking Lioness
  20. Nervous Lion
  21. Black and White Hissing Panther on White
  22. Happy Brown Male Lion Stretching and Holding His Arms out
  23. Christmas Lion Laying on His Belly and Drawing
  24. Cheetah Writing Letter to Santa
  25. Black and White Roaring Lion
  26. King Lion Writing
  27. Lion Bullying a Monkey
  28. Cougar Pirate Holding a Gun
  29. Male Lion with a Breeze Blowing His Mane